Not every app is the same and not all App strategies are the same. It all depends on what you need and what your goals are, my ASO services usually starts with an ASO Audit where we go through the process of analysing all the factors that may be affecting your app.

From Social media, to keyword research, to icon design, to screenshot conversion. My Audit service literally covers all the aspects you need to analyse and understand to have a clear path for your organic strategy.

App store optimization services are not new, but it is important you understand exactly what are you investing in. My approach is different from ASO Agencies and you need to understand you get with me a non-bullshit approach. No sales pitch. No “Account managers” , no fluff.

Finding the ROI in ASO is not easy and that’s why at ASO Professional I try to bring a different approach to the value behind App store optimization services.

Before we start we need to understand the importance of investing in a professional ASO service.

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Personaly I have developed the most comprehensive keyword research strategy in the app industry and you have the opportunity to have my team implementing this research to over 450 apps just in the last year.

Not only this research is backed up with data, but the process comes with a full study where we analyze your probability of ranking for specific keywords.

It is important to understand that every keyword research needs to be done with different tools.


We use mainly the following tools:

Google Keyword Planner
Sensor Tower
App Annie
Mobile Action
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Although keyword research in the app store is the main core of the ASO process, our core service is the App Store Optimisation Audit.

Although this may sound like a complex process, it’ actually a very straight to point approach that can give you one of the most comprehensive App store optimisation services in the industry.

This audit is ideal for serious app companies looking to analyze all the factors in their positioning in the app store.

It is the complete solution for companies looking to start working on an active increase of ranking across different platforms.

The audit  includes keyword research process, and the typical competition analysing that can take us to find the most effective keywords.

The process is the more comprehensive App store optimization Audit in the Industry, and if you want to be able to be sure you have done your work right, it’s important that you understand that this type of Audit will give you a full process to understand how is your ASO and what is the best way to improve it.

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