Seed Keywords in the App Store Optimization Process

The App store optimization process starts with keyword research and for that, you need to start with Seed keywords, this is not a unique process from ASO , in fact, it comes from SEO… in this video, I try my best to explain how those seed keywords work.

As a definition, Seed keywords are ground or foundation keywords for our ASO strategy. This sort of keywords are won’t change or modify the meaning by modifier words.

The long tail keywords are used to form modifying the seed keywords. This means that:

long tail keywords = Seed keywords + modifier.

Example: When you search a phrase in Google search or the App store for Weight loss, Google/App Store automatically suggests other keywords such as:

weight loss calculator
weight loss pills
weight loss tips
weight loss programs
weight loss plans
weight loss supplements
weight loss foods

Here, “weight loss” is the seed keyword, and the other words that come after it are called modifiers: calculator, pills, tips, programs, and so on.

If you are an ASO consultant, an enthusiast, or an app developer who want to generate passive income out of ASO, then you need to understand how to find seed these keywords.

For new ASOs or marketers, this can sometimes be a challenge because they don’t know yet how to handle the vast array of free resources that are available online. (even for those of us that are more experienced, coming up with new ideas can be a challenge from time to time you know).

Seed keywords themselves, are not very useful, but the directions they take you in can produce a rich source of money-making keywords for ASO.

The greater the number of promising seed keywords you have at the start of your ASO project, the more comprehensive your final results will be. Jotting down notes will get you started – this will also stimulate your creativity. Try to generate a list of at least 15 seed keywords. Go online now and do some real keyword research.