Global ASO: A Brilliant Opportunity plus Some tips for success

Trivia: Only one-seventh of the world’s populace speaks English? Also, about 340 million speak English as their first language (source: Ethnologue). With this in mind, it leaves more than six billion people who won’t get the message if you have the English-only attitude towards your app.

If you sell a service or apps that are available international, localizing your app’s metadata on the app store may be a large opportunity, especially in case your mobile app is near maxing out its cutting-edge ASO ability.

In my experience, my apps have improved its traffic by 50 percent via translating it into more than one language. So, while you think about how big the world app market is, these styles of consequences aren’t unreasonable to assume.

For the reason of this article, I’m talking about going global for app store optimization, however, the identical opportunity applies across SEO, paid search, and social media.

From private revel in, I do understand that going global is a massive opportunity for ASOs. I’m from Australia, and I ran a totally worthwhile app business by means of rating it for phrases that could have been impossible to compete for inside the US but were notably easy to rank for with geo-targeted ASO approach. That being said, providing localizations for your app probably won’t have the impact you hoped for.

Are you sure that your app is needed in different areas or languages? It’s important which you do your homework before you decide what your localization plan is. A great starting point is to have a look at the region and Language tabs under Geo in Google Analytics – it’s a good information to use for your ASO campaign even though this is known to be used by SEO people.

You should also ask yourself: What countries and languages are changing right now? You may be surprised to peer a country like Germany changing nicely, at the same time as bigger international locations like Romania are near the bottom. Do not count on that bigger is higher!

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles”  – Sun Tzu

Also, have a look at your competitors to see what languages or areas they’re targeting. I do this manually. I peek on my competitors’ apps on the app store to see which countries they are localized at.

I also use ASOdesk, an extended analytics and keyword boost campaigns for App Store and Google Play. It is specifically developed to help you successfully reach your business goals: optimize your app for ASO, increase installs, decrease promo costs, and improve retention behavior.

It is a robust ASO tool that allows you to view an analysis report of your competing mobile apps, for free via its competitors module feature. Yup, you have heard me right! You can track your app side by side with your competitors to determine the best keywords for your ASO campaign.


If you’d like some more hot tips, I am preparing a tremendous guide on creating a global app store optimization approach (watch out for it). Doing exact studies up the front can be the distinction between a successful global ASO marketing campaign and a huge flop.

You don’t need to replicate mistakes throughout localized app store listings; that simply multiplies the rework you’ll need to do to restore them. Cross your t’s and dot your I’s with your mobile app before you consider internationalization or localization. (if you’re simply beginning to analyze app store optimization, I’d stick to one language till you get a little traction then begin to analyze the ropes.)

If your mobile app is up to snuff, think about how you want to shape it for an international audience.  If you don’t have the resources to translate your complete app, it’s not a need. Here at ASO Agency, we’ve determined to localize an app — that includes all key metadata — which we can replicate without difficulty across your target languages. This allows us to target valuable ASO key phrases in many languages and offers us a very good ASO rankings.

You know the app store optimization fundamentals, right? TL;DR: build your app around one essential subject matter, include semantically related keywords in the title, at some point of the app description, bank on long tail search phrases, ensure that your meta facts are optimized, and much more…

This method is just as critical in different languages as its miles in English. If you choose keyphrases that don’t have sufficient traffic or seek volume or that you can’t probably compete for, you won’t force traffic to your app.

IF you really want to write and use your ASO knowledge in each language, you’ll want to lease a company which focuses on seek-optimized translation or finds the right translators.

Remember not to count on these translators that they are as informed as you are. Once I put up translation jobs, I make certain that they have got revel in doing keyword research, recognize the fundamentals of app store optimization and have the potential to translate a Search Ads campaign. Seeing as you don’t talk those languages, it’s vital to locate the right translators or agencies who gets the job finished right the first time.

Moreover, you might want to give a few concepts to customer service. You’re going to be getting new user base in an expansion of new languages and places. Consider some customer support apps like Zendesk – they have machine translations, or you can have your developers configure an API that will work with your app along with your support platform. Or, you can simply indicate in your app that help is handiest in the English language.