Day #6 (after a long break) from Black HAT ASO

Day 6 update…. oh my God. Gabriel what happened?

Well, life happened.

Meet Luca ! Yes. I now have a new ASO mini consultant …

Okay … so no more family stuff and let’s talk about the Experiment

So what is the update?

Day # 6 brought us a big spike and I’m not going to lie… is more than Day #6.. this experiment took around 10 days and you can see how nicely things go in Play and Apple for the 2 main apps…

App #3… is a different story that I will reveal in the last post

On day #6 we started to break even. So we made the money back that we invested and funny wise being featured helps us a lot… so we decided to buy more fake reviews and beg to the App store to ban our app or flag us, or contact us or do something…

Did the App store took action against us: NOTHING

Yes. Thank you Apple… and welcome to TOP OVERALL – Thanks to Black Hat .

yes… overall TOP position…. Sponsored by Bots and Fake reviews.

And Google Play?

Flying like an Eagle…

Day #6 represented a key moment… the moment when this type of activities make financial sense… and although I’m in shock how easy this was… I have to confess…. is fun to read how so many ASO experts talk that Black HAT is dead when I can only see $ in Ad Revenue arriving to our account.