Day 5 of Black Hat ASO… you want to know more right?

Thanks to everyone that has sent me messages with screenshots of Black HAT cases that you have witness in the industry.

As you can see things are going great in the Black HAT world… and guess what, the apps are already starting to recover the investment.

I want to say a big thanks to Chinese Bots to help me rank higher … and thanks to the App store for not doing a thing to prevent this

So let’s showcase ranking shall we?


Google Play


Apple # 1

The second app with Apple #2 is also going great and I will share the results of the 3 apps on Day #7

We have decided NOW not to send more reviews and just mainly send downloads and social signals…. the idea is to hopefully consolidate ranking before the last push…

The goal is simple: to get as many downloads as possible so then we can camouflage Black HAT with White HAT ASO… (that’s what everyone does anyway)

To make things even funnier… we plan to just blast reviews that will make no sense.

Example: 5 start reviews and the word: Horrible. Bad App. Do not download.

We really want to test if the App Store will even notice. So far I’m a bit surprised it has been so easy.


Have we found the ROI just yet?

To be honest… no, but we are not very far away. Already income from Ads it’s starting to drip… and I’m 90% sure in 10 days or so, the full amount will be recovered.


So, what is the plan after 7 days…. ?

Mainly to leave the app until it makes enough profit to justify this experiment and then remove it from the app store.


Do I expect more growth?

Yes. I expect to increase each ranking. Apps are getting momentum and increasing the manipulation is not extremely difficult.

Thanks for reading…

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