Day #4 – Results and the reality of the industry

Every single company you respect that does App Store Marketing does Black HAT.

By default any manipulation of any algorithm is … well…. Black HAT.

Yes, you are not suppose to try to manipulate results… so when you take “unique strategies” to target “specific rankings”… you my friend are doing Black HAT.

But off course there are all type of Black HAT strategies, and some of them are “less evil”.. and some of them a bit more “cheeky”

Like in our results in Day #4 where we already can see that we will achieve top ranking.

Our action for today: Ratings. Ratings and more ratings.

Do we care about downloads? –> no.

We only care about trying to push the app store to flag our app, or to stop it’s climb to the top.

Will this app store?

No. in fact this app is already being FEATURED by Google Play and climbing in a healthy way to be top 10 in Games.








Will I find the ROI?

I’m sure I will.


How are the other 2 apps going?

Climbing.. healthy climbing … and all the figures will be shared soon. Stay tuned. Like to follow up.