Day #3 of Black Hat ASO… omg this is working?

Ohh so this is starting to work… and in some type of way I feel a bit guilty it should be a bit easier huh?

Today is an interesting day, specially for Google Play. Today we are going to play with the Editors of Google Play.

What if we mix Black HAT downloads, reviews and then we try to over optimize the title.

What if we just include copyrighted keywords over and over , will our Black HAT be detected?


100% no.

The reason is one: Google Play has no enough staff to control this.. and in many cases we see top companies in the CASINO, Fitness and GAMES industry being out ranked by apps that are 100% Black HAT.

They know it. The Black Hat app knows it. Google know’s it… everyone is on the party…

and nobody is doing anything about it.

I know what you are thinking…. “oh boy the Ego this guy has!”.

And you are right! I have a big ego… but I also CARE to educate you about the real things that are happening in the app industry.

do you really want to see more stupid articles about “the 7 TIPS for App Store Optimization”

Really? Really?

Aren’t you sick of that “feel nice articles created by “ASO consultants” that became consultants because they failed at making money in the app store.

Trust me: there is something rotten in the App store.. Search STILL Broken… and nobody is talking about it.


Okay… back to our topic.

3rd day, right?

So there are a few ways to play the game now @ Google Play.

I can try to get this new app that has momentum to rank for a COPYRIGHTED keyword and try to profit… or just blast for keywords that are not related to the app.

Regardless don’t forget this is a short term experiment and like in the cases of Chinese Black HAT apps, my whole goal is to make my money back + profit…

Impressed? Sad? Concerned!



I’m one guy and this seems to be working. Think what Chinese companies are doing ^_^

I know … I know… you want to see screenshots… right?

Don’t worry, on DAY #4 I will show you the increase for the 3 apps… and even more important on day #7… I will reveal every single strategy that I did.