Day #2 of Black Hat App Store Challenge


Today is the day where we start to take actions to later on showcase how the App store has no way to detect legit traffic vs fake.

Although I believe the app store CAN detect black hat, I have the feeling the people behind the App store strategy just don’t “care” about it.

I personally think App stores have more “sales people” than Engineers and that the app store algorithm is not a priority for anyone.

Yes, what I’m doing is what everyone does… the difference is you are reading about it from me and not from the top publishers.

Big companies do Black HAT… but the difference between what I’m doing now and what they do is that they call it “traffic strategies” 😉 while their marketing department hires Agencies to “just get us to the top”.

Today is when we really start and we are going to invest $1000 per app. Yes. This is when this starts to get a bit tiny bit risky…

We need to make our money back… so the $1000 is going to go in traffic and reviews.

Reviews are going to be more challenging to “stick” under Apple… therefore the $1000 in Google Play will go further.

So in plain English we get a lot more reviews and traffic for $1000 than we will get for Play.


Example for App #1 (google play)

I’m buying 3500 Downloads

125 Ratings

80 reviews.


Example for App #2 (ios)

I’m buying 2200 Downloads

70 Reviews + 4 to 5 starts

Now… for this to work I really need to pretend that the app is alive… so tomorrow I will create traffic to the app directly and I will even try to push the envelope further.

My goal is to make it to the top of the category ASAP… before something happens… Let’s don’t forget: I’m doing what you are not supposed to do, so in theory, I’m supposed to fail right?


Tomorrow is CHINESE DAY where I will literally send as much traffic as low as possible .. because if it works for the China App Bots… it should work for me, right?