Day #1 of Black HAT App Store manipulation


The goal is simple, to manipulate the App Store Algorithm in 7 days or less. 3 apps, 2 app stores )Apple and Google Play,) different niches, different industries, different strategies.

NONE OF these strategies are White hat… this means, I will be doing everything in my power to manipulate the app store using techniques that take advantage of the algorithm weakness — and obviously going against terms and conditions from Apple.

In case you need to understand more what Black Hat ASO is… here is a quick video.

So the the 3 apps have ZERO ranking , although they have been in the app store for the last 2 weeks….

Yes: Zero… ranking….

The goal? the goal is to go as high as possible in each app category, without a conventional app marketing strategy.


So… what is the process for day #1 ?


We are going to blast this app with FAKE DOWNLOADS + FAKE reviews, we are doing to do it in a way that the App Store will not be able to detect what we are trying to do… and in that way camouflage the activities.

Although this may sound “super advanced” it’s pretty basic. We will do this for the 1st day… and the goal is to step it up in day 3-to 6…. and hopefully achieve top ranking by day 7.

Today the investment will be $500 per app…. not a lot for sure… but enough to create a tiny buffer for the Armageddon that is due to arrive in the next days. Stay tuned.

Disclaimer: the whole purpose of this series is to educate how weak the App store it’s and how Apple and Google should prioritize protecting publishers by improving the way their search Algorithm works.