Day #2 of Black Hat App Store Challenge


Today is the day where we start to take actions to later on showcase how the App store has no way to detect legit traffic vs fake.

Although I believe the app store CAN detect black hat, I have the feeling the people behind the App store strategy just don’t “care” about it.

I personally think App stores have more “sales people” than Engineers and that the app store algorithm is not a priority for anyone.

Yes, what I’m doing is what everyone does… the difference is you are reading about it from me and not from the top publishers.

Big companies do Black HAT… but the difference between what I’m doing now and what they do is that they call it “traffic strategies” 😉 while their marketing department hires Agencies to “just get us to the top”.

Today is when we really start and we are going to invest $1000 per app.… Read More

How To Determine If Influencer Marketing is Right for You

If you are into app marketing, reaching with customers has become incredibly challenging. There I said it.

It’s with the sheer number of  “flash in the pan” app marketing practices have somehow made their way into brands only to leave you in frustration. The amount of knowledge and data available today really is incredible. This is why it can be hard to filter out the clever advice from that which is better left undiscovered.

Recently, a lot of brands started saying: “we need to be on social! ” so many companies jumped at the chance and signed up for every social media platforms. Then, when people said: “we need ads”, it led to a huge boost in a number of ads created and even today 75% of marketers plan to create more ads this year than the year before.

While it can be very tempting to jump on the bandwagon, dig your teeth into every new tactic, because well, everyone else is doing it.… Read More

How To Use ASODesk To Boost Your App Store Ranking

A higher keyword ranking makes it far easier for users to find you in the App Store. In turn, this brings you more downloads and revenue.

Today, we’re looking at an ASO tool that can help with ranking in the App Store: ASOdesk.

ASODesk is an extended analytics and keyword boost campaigns for App Store and Google Play. It was built for both iOS and Android with more and more features being added.

Analytics (Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis)

One of ASOdesk’s most valuable features is its App Store Analytics section, designed to provide you the most accurate data regarding search request so you’d be able to target a strong set of keywords — essential for ranking well.

Keyword Research

With only 100 characters available for keyword selection in iOS each character counts. ASOdesk will make technical recommendations to prevent you needlessly chasing the wrong keywords. For example, the keywords in your app’s title, or plural variations of keywords you already targeted.… Read More

ASO Desk – Competitors Module

So, you have developed an app, you’re done with testing, and you’ve completed your ASO checklist. Then, you saw steady improvements in your organic traffic, but suddenly you realized that you’ve hit a plateau.

So, what can you do next? Check and track your competitors! App competition gets increasingly aggressive as a day goes by because hundreds of new apps hit the app stores, but there are lessons to be learned here if you know what you look for! In this article, you will learn how to reduce your stress and give your app the best shot at success. How? By eliminating as many variables as possible, and this means tracking competing apps.

When you track your competition, you will understand where they are strong and where they are weak. Then you can learn from their strengths and try to exploit their weaknesses.

With ASODesk, you can do just that. It may not be a robust ASO tool but here, you can view an analysis report of your competing mobile apps, for free.… Read More