Day #6 (after a long break) from Black HAT ASO

Day 6 update…. oh my God. Gabriel what happened?

Well, life happened.

Meet Luca ! Yes. I now have a new ASO mini consultant …

Okay … so no more family stuff and let’s talk about the Experiment

So what is the update?

Day # 6 brought us a big spike and I’m not going to lie… is more than Day #6.. this experiment took around 10 days and you can see how nicely things go in Play and Apple for the 2 main apps…

App #3… is a different story that I will reveal in the last post

On day #6 we started to break even. So we made the money back that we invested and funny wise being featured helps us a lot… so we decided to buy more fake reviews and beg to the App store to ban our app or flag us, or contact us or do something…

Did the App store took action against us: NOTHING

Yes.… Read More

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Day 5 of Black Hat ASO… you want to know more right?

Thanks to everyone that has sent me messages with screenshots of Black HAT cases that you have witness in the industry.

As you can see things are going great in the Black HAT world… and guess what, the apps are already starting to recover the investment.

I want to say a big thanks to Chinese Bots to help me rank higher … and thanks to the App store for not doing a thing to prevent this

So let’s showcase ranking shall we?


Google Play


Apple # 1

The second app with Apple #2 is also going great and I will share the results of the 3 apps on Day #7

We have decided NOW not to send more reviews and just mainly send downloads and social signals…. the idea is to hopefully consolidate ranking before the last push…

The goal is simple: to get as many downloads as possible so then we can camouflage Black HAT with White HAT ASO… (that’s what everyone does anyway)

To make things even funnier… we plan to just blast reviews that will make no sense.… Read More

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Day #4 – Results and the reality of the industry

Every single company you respect that does App Store Marketing does Black HAT.

By default any manipulation of any algorithm is … well…. Black HAT.

Yes, you are not suppose to try to manipulate results… so when you take “unique strategies” to target “specific rankings”… you my friend are doing Black HAT.

But off course there are all type of Black HAT strategies, and some of them are “less evil”.. and some of them a bit more “cheeky”

Like in our results in Day #4 where we already can see that we will achieve top ranking.

Our action for today: Ratings. Ratings and more ratings.

Do we care about downloads? –> no.

We only care about trying to push the app store to flag our app, or to stop it’s climb to the top.

Will this app store?

No. in fact this app is already being FEATURED by Google Play and climbing in a healthy way to be top 10 in Games.… Read More

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Day #3 of Black Hat ASO… omg this is working?

Ohh so this is starting to work… and in some type of way I feel a bit guilty it should be a bit easier huh?

Today is an interesting day, specially for Google Play. Today we are going to play with the Editors of Google Play.

What if we mix Black HAT downloads, reviews and then we try to over optimize the title.

What if we just include copyrighted keywords over and over , will our Black HAT be detected?


100% no.

The reason is one: Google Play has no enough staff to control this.. and in many cases we see top companies in the CASINO, Fitness and GAMES industry being out ranked by apps that are 100% Black HAT.

They know it. The Black Hat app knows it. Google know’s it… everyone is on the party…

and nobody is doing anything about it.

I know what you are thinking….… Read More

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Day #1 of Black HAT App Store manipulation


The goal is simple, to manipulate the App Store Algorithm in 7 days or less. 3 apps, 2 app stores )Apple and Google Play,) different niches, different industries, different strategies.

NONE OF these strategies are White hat… this means, I will be doing everything in my power to manipulate the app store using techniques that take advantage of the algorithm weakness — and obviously going against terms and conditions from Apple.

In case you need to understand more what Black Hat ASO is… here is a quick video.

So the the 3 apps have ZERO ranking , although they have been in the app store for the last 2 weeks….

Yes: Zero… ranking….

The goal? the goal is to go as high as possible in each app category, without a conventional app marketing strategy.


So… what is the process for day #1 ?


We are going to blast this app with FAKE DOWNLOADS + FAKE reviews, we are doing to do it in a way that the App Store will not be able to detect what we are trying to do… and in that way camouflage the activities.… Read More

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Is Black Hat ASO Real?

When I wrote about this almost 2 years ago, I had very little clue that black hat could even be considered a term in the app industry. Hey! Nobody even knew about ASO, let alone about black hat tactics.

So what is black hat ASO? Black hat is the art/science/scheme of manipulating search algorithm results by bending the rules.

In the politically correct, paranoid society in which we live, as soon as you mention “black hat”, the industry tends to attack you.
Oh… Black hat!!! How dare you!!!!

But the reality is that it is our duty to test the algorithm…
Any algorithm exists to be tested by the users.
It has always been the same and it always will be.

If something allows us to rank, we will test it and try to manipulate it.

So let’s understand what type of ASO black hat techniques I have seen so far and before we move to real “nasty stuff” let’s try to clarify some concepts that are not black hat per se, although that may sometimes be considered that way…

Understanding why “black hat” works
First, we need to understand what types of actions are effective in increasing ranking.… Read More

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Global ASO: A Brilliant Opportunity plus Some tips for success

Trivia: Only one-seventh of the world’s populace speaks English? Also, about 340 million speak English as their first language (source: Ethnologue). With this in mind, it leaves more than six billion people who won’t get the message if you have the English-only attitude towards your app.

If you sell a service or apps that are available international, localizing your app’s metadata on the app store may be a large opportunity, especially in case your mobile app is near maxing out its cutting-edge ASO ability.

In my experience, my apps have improved its traffic by 50 percent via translating it into more than one language. So, while you think about how big the world app market is, these styles of consequences aren’t unreasonable to assume.

For the reason of this article, I’m talking about going global for app store optimization, however, the identical opportunity applies across SEO, paid search, and social media.… Read More

ASO 2017: How To Dominate The App Store’s Search Results

From its earliest day, the app store’s core search algorithm offered the most relevant and most organic search results quickly and accurately on a simple app with a good app icon that has now become synonymous with the mobile search giant’s business. Searching amidst the world’s vast data, both Google and Apple cleverly cataloged and categorized apps using their proprietary search formula, which assessed the ASO keyword rankings to any given app.

For a few years, the Apple search worked seamlessly, repeatedly predicting the most relevant search results every single time, again and again. It was so good that it sent shockwaves online, digitally obliterating its rival (Google) over time. However, as Apple’s clever app store search engine grew into a colossus companies, and both individuals and businesses realized the inherent power of appearing organically at the top of any app search, things began to change.

These changes occurred at the behest of some unscrupulous characters who were hell-bent on gaming the ASO ecosystem.… Read More

Brilliant ASO Opportunities For 2017

March is here so 2017 still young for App Store Optimization

One of the most difficult and yes, annoying, aspects of App Store Optimisation (ASO) is the constant change. once you learn…. they change the rules, right?

As the app store algorithms are continually enhanced to deliver optimum results, techniques to get your app ranking high in the app listings also never stop evolving.

If you ignore the inevitable trends, your app could well be hit by the latest algorithm update and fall into the uncharted depths of app search results. In short, you should never stop adapting your ASO to exploit the latest trends.
In this article, you’ll learn some important shifts in the ASO landscape, and the opportunities that lie within…
Keyword Rankings Are Still Important (And vital)

Keywords are still the foundation of ASO, but how they are used continues to evolve with available technology. In 2017, be sure to pay close attention to semantic and personalized search.… Read More

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ASO 2017: Instagram ads for your mobile app install campaigns

As the battle for mobile app ad placements rages on, Instagram’s latest ad offering has many mobile app marketers itching to see how ads perform on their social network.

Instagram has always been protective of its users and quite hesitant to open the floodgates – while it started rolling out ad options to big brands way back in 2013, it only opened up Insta-ads to all businesses in September of 2015.

This 2017,  all businesses are on level playing ground, that is why I am here to tell you what the buzz is all about and how your app can get new users and more installs with the help of Instagram app ads.

First of all, What Are Instagram Ads for Apps?

Instagram ads for mobile apps are sponsored ads that appear within the usual Instagram image feed, allowing advertisers pay to get in front of Instagram’s photo fans.

Instagram ads are commonly used to promote various offers, drive website visits, and, for the purposes of our discussion, drive mobile app installs.… Read More