What App Store Paid Ads Really Mean

Two weeks ago, Apple put the rumors to bed and confirmed that they would introduce paid search ads to their App Store. Meaning, they will let developers pay to have ads, for their apps to appear at the top of search listings or results. For me, this is quite odd. Instead of fixing the app store since...

ASO Versus Paid Search Advertisement

The main difference between App Store Optimization (ASO) and Paid Search Advertisement (PSA) is that traffic coming from ASO (organic) is free, while traffic generated from PSA is not free (as the name implies you have to pay for the ad). Both ASO and PSA are part of your overall App Marketing campaign. I will try to explain...

Effective Strategies for Applying Agile Marketing Principles to Your ASO Campaigns

We were told that “The early bird catches the worm.”

The internet evolves quickly, with new trends appearing and dying so quickly, it’s quite hard to keep track of them all.

These days, some companies manage to get in on the ground floor of what’s trending which can mean huge amounts of attention and instant publicity.

But then again, it’s not enough to just jump on a bandwagon to reap rewards. By the time a new trending discussion is making headlines, it’s generally far too late to make some traction or that needed impact.

This is where agile marketing comes in handy: with small bursts of easy to developed apps, you can try to catch the public mood at just the right time in order to capitalize more on it.

Try to Predict The Future

It’s not easy to create good, culturally relevant app or game, that is why it’s so important to be always ready for the latest big story to drop.… Read More

ASO 2016 101: How To Get Traffic With Long Tail Keywords And Tools That Help

When we bring up the subject of ASO and online marketing, one of the first things will come up to our minds are “keywords”.

Many hours have been allotted for research that yields new keywords for ASO campaigns and apps to target. Nowadays, a single keyword like “recipes” will have a significant volume or traffic score, but also has a monumental or high competition.

In App Store Optimization, while we want traffic, we also need to garner the right views from users within the specific audience.

The term “long-tail keywords” refers to search terms that are more concrete and focused than the usual broad concept. In most cases, these can be three to four words or even more in length.

What’s required here, is that it should focus on a particular niche. While you may scoff at them for a lower traffic count, you will realize its importance in ASO in the long run.Read More

New Mobile Action Localization Feature – Choosing your Market

“Done is better than perfect.” – Mark Zuckerburg App Store Localization is the process of "Internationalizing" an app, or providing multiple versions that each serve up for a specific language. There is a technical process involved here, and for those of you who care, it deals mainly with creating Localization Targets in Xcode and is not a...

Is Shane Barker right? IS ASO going to kill SEO?

There some people you need to read in this industry. Shane Barker is one of them. Although I love his content, it seems Shane is one of recent writer to use the words “ASO will Kill SEO” in a headline. I guess he's just stirring up some controversy - link bait?  ;) Whatever his reason, the phrase has become...