App Store Optimization in the Spanish market

I love writing this, because as many of you know, I'm a native Spanish speaker. Today I read the first article I have found so far about ASO in Spanish. ASO in Spanish is Optimización en las APP Store or Optimización para Apps en el App Store ;) mmm it sounds better as ASO. The article is written...

Search still rules the jungle in the Appstore and Google Play

An interesting (not very deep but still interesting) sponsored article at VentureBeat showcasing how SEARCH still the main source of organic traffic for app developers via App Store or Google play. One of the interesting points the article mentions but it fails to go deeper is how the app developers are having more tools to drive organic...

Ouriel Ohayon: Nobody Knows How Search Algorithm really work?

I just read an interesting interview by AppsFire Founder Ouriel Ohayon about App marketing in general, the interview was good, nothing mind blowing, the peculiar part was when Ouriel, explains how nobody knows how the search algorithms inside the stores really work.

Is that right?

I find amazing that someone in such a high position can claim that “nobody” knows how the algorithm really works, when Google and Apple have many times explains what factors affect or don’t affect the ranking.… Read More

App Store search algorithm changes once again.

This week has been an active week for Apple doing quiet a few changes in the App store with the search algorithm and many developers are scratching their heads wondering if the changes benefit or affected their App store Optimization strategy.

As many of you know Apple purchased Appchomp and in the last week it seems they are trying to implement some of the Appchomp algorithm in the App store. But like any new update or algorithm change things hasn’t gone 100% according to plans and already many app developers are not happy with the way the App store has left their ASO plans.

Mainly this change by Apple makes ranking for Titles + keywords more complicate, by the algorithm ignoring potential combinations between the App name and the keyword.… Read More

App Center Optimization already getting a bad name

I found today this kind of funny article from Owen Thomas from Business insider forecasting the new ACO (app center optimization) as the next source of charlatans , scam artist and snake-oil salesman. It's funny because during many years as an SEO consultant I met, and read articles like the one of Owen. Articles that their main...

What exactly is ASO? App store optimization

ASO or app store optimization is the new "art" , "science" ,method to optimize apps to rank higher in the App Store from Apple and/or in Google play for Android. ASO obviously comes from SEO but the difference with Search Engine Optimization, ASO it's a bit newer and although many of the SEO premises remain, many rules...