Nokia Store App Store Optimization

It amazes the lack of REAL information online….  specially in the ASO world.

In the last 2 days I have been researching a lot about the Nokia App Store … and trying to understand how their algorithm works. OH Boy what a painful experience.

‘To start it seems It seems I’m the only person doing some type of research? Seriously… just Google Nokia App store Optimization and enjoy lack of results ! 😉

So here are my findings .

The Nokia Store works as a bad, bad,  bad, copy cat of Google Play…. a As an ASO consultant, I like that… yes I’m bios, I like optimization in Google play a bit more vs the App store.

At first sight, the advantages of the Nokia Store is the lack of competition but the problems is that the algorithm works a bit hectic.

The Nokia Store Algorithm has in “theory” the capacity to understand “co-relation between popular apps” but it sucks BIG TIME to be precise and find accurate results when using the basic search.… Read More – Dead Easy to use ASO tool

Today, I'm reviewing a new player in the ASO tools arena. Although this is a new tool, I love the energy and how pumped their creators are in developing a k*ck *ss ASO tool and compete vs the other big boys in this App store optimization tools new industry. Anyway, brings a lot of possibilities...

7 SEO Rules you need to apply to ASO

When thinking about ASO (app store optimization) we can’t forget that SEARCH has been a challenge for companies for a long time.  In the last 12+ years SEO has been the king of the jungle and now we start to talk about ASO more and more….

But we can’t go ahead with ASO like if we never learned anything from the old days of SEO.

In fact I believe the best ASO consultants are going to be the once that have some previous SEO experience and have been burned by SEO myths, mistakes and changes.

So if you want to save yourself 12 years of experience, here are my top 7 tips that the App store optimization world need to learn from the OLD SEO world.… Read More

SearchMan SEO – An Awesome ASO tool

One of the things that I love the most about app store optimization is to test drive tools… and although this is a very very quick video, I just wanted to showcase some of the features a good ASO tool should have. Ladies and Gents, App developers meet SEARCHMAN SEO.

If using ASO tools is like driving, using SearchMAN is like test driving a Jaguar… fun, fast, exciting. (Yep… I’m a nerd…)

One of the best things of SearchMAN is the capacity of visualizing data in such an easy way to understand, plus makes it very easy to measure the success of any type of optimization.
I will be making more videos about SearchMan SEO in the close future…. in the meantime, check it out tool at and enjoy the video.… Read More

3 New Tools for App Store Optimization [VIDEO]

Not everything in the ASO world has to be with ranking and keywords… so that’s why I decided to start my weekly show (Starting from this week) with 3 cool resources for App store optmization.

Some of these resources are not what conventional people will think as “ASO related” tools… but for sure they can help a lot if you use it with a smart ASO Ninja brain 😉

Read More

Appstore Optimization Tools: Keyword Research

I had the awesome pleasure to use for the last days and I create a very cool video today how to use it to do keyword research. This is mainly for app developers that are just starting and may be are a bit lost about what topic to target or keywords to go for...

App Name Copycats towards ASO? Not any more [Google Play]

So welcome news! To all of you trying to Milk some cash by creating the next copycat app using similar names in Apps to well-known apps… the end is close. Google Play has announce they will be tackling Apps with deceptive names trying to take advantage of how the Algorithm works.

As we already know many dodgy app developers create low level apps trying to rank for similar and original apps.

So if you have Temple Run, you create Tremble Run and make a similar icon, similar app (lower quality) and try to get it ranked close to Temple Run.

Now, the idea is not amazing, but it used to work… until now… Read More

Please dont’ call App store Optimization an Art !

Oh boy, I have seen many articles popping everywhere know talking about ASO as a “new art”

ASO is an art….

Gosh…. because calling things like an ART makes them more “romantic” and complicate, right?

Mmm it reminds me a bit like in SEO, where SEO still is consider an art… that will take “many years to master”.

OK. So let’s be straight here, this is not an ART, it’s a system, is a routine, it’s a series of steps.

It can be learned.… Read More