App Store Optimization Book? Read it online ;)

So far ASO Ninja has sold over 500 copies in different stores and I'm so pleased I really want everyone out there to be able to read as much as App store optimization as possible. The book took me a few months to write and I believe it's extremely current and if you are an app developer...

[Infographic] 12 Top App testing tools

We all know how important is to launch a good app, and without the proper tools, many developers will be in trouble at the moment of testing, debugging or getting feedback about their app. The rise of app testing tools goes hand by hand with the importance of app store optimization. Testing your app properly is...

363 App review sites to promote your App

In the last months I have been working with the help of my Virtual assistants to produce the most comprehensive list of App review sites out there. Mainly I was surprised how complex was going to be this process. at the start of the research we had a target of making a PROPER list of 100 app review...

App Icons in ASO: Yes, your Icon Sucks – deal with it

Icons are like dogs. You love your dog. You think your dog is the best dog in the world. In fact you think your dog is lovely dog, a

Do you have an ugly dog? What about an ugly Icon

pretty dog, a cute dog. Get my point?

Like with kids… if you have kids, you never wake up thinking:

Dam, I have ugly kids.


You love your kids and If you ask me, I think my 2 boys are the most beautiful boys in the world.

You see.

My boys, my dog… are like the icon of your apps.

I think they are the best, because I’m an emotional person….you see, us, app fanatics, we develop apps usually with our heart and not with our brain… and that’s why … your dog may¬† not be so cute and you may have ugly kids and your icon, oh yes.. your icon may also SUCKS BIG TIME.… Read More