ASOdesk : The Best ASO Tool in the market?


I’m working very close with ASOdesk as their consultant.
I believe in ASOdesk as the next level of ASO tools in the market and I’m proud to promote them.
Why? Because they rock, the tool is solid and it’s simply the best ASO tool in the market. 


Say bye  bye to old ASO Tool = Welcome to ASOdesk

So you have a mobile app that you need to promote (game or app) = good.

You already start looking for ASO tools, you read every single ASO blog, you buy my book, you watch my videos and now you are ready to implement ASO for your new app.
Yes.. you are ready to implement everything you learn and that’s why you join different ASO tools and then you realize that READING ABOUT ASO vs DOING ASO it’s very different.

Why? Well, when we try to apply ASO, what we learn in theory and what the results we obtain during the practice are very very different.… Read More

Icon Split Testing in ASO – consider your competitors

One of the biggest roadblocks to App Icon Design is A/B Split Testing.

As you guys probably know, it can take several days for Apple to approve your app (unlike in Google PlayStore, it just take several minutes). For me, this is a long time to wait to find out the impact of your icon design change. This flaw puts a serious limit on how many icons you can test in a month just for a certain app.

On top of that, since you are not testing the icons at the same time, your data may be skewed by day of the week or seasonal fluctuations. Also, since you’re just testing your icon designs based on your own ideas and designs, you’re missing a lot of things because you can also split test your icons against your competitors, which is the better way.

To know more about the best testing method that will save you a lot of time and help you get to a winning design quickly, visit my website:

In A/B Split Testing your icons, you can use third party testing services to quantitatively measure your results.… Read More

Improving your ASO research – with your own Database

Building your own database of keywords is one of the best ways to literally improve your data and get a better approach to ASO.

our ASO keywords are the keywords and phrases in your app that make it possible for people to find your it via app store search engines. An app that is well optimized for the search “speaks the same language” as its potential visitor base with keywords for ASO that help connect searchers to your app. Keywords are one of the main elements of ASO basics.

We need to know how people are looking for your app, in order to make it a lot easier for them to find it — otherwise, they’ll land on one of the many other apps in the App Store search results. Implementing keyword ASO will help your app rank above your competitors.

This is why developing your own list of keywords is one of the first and most important steps in any ASO initiative.… Read More

Apple App Store Improvements – Are We Ready for the Inevitable Change?

When someone or an entity imposes a change you don’t like, what do you do? Do you resist or embrace it? How about, when things aren’t changing at all. Do you adapt easily or prepare for a change? Do you practice how you’ll deal with its arrival? Are you open to all the possibilities change brings?


Well, the reason why I asked you these questions is that a few days ago, Apple announces App Store Improvements for more quality aside from the implementation of search ads. Also, they have updated their App Store Review Guidelines with details on subscriptions, Sirikit and iMessage.

“Quality is extremely important to us. We know that many of you work hard to build innovative apps and update your apps on the App Store with new content and features. However, there are also apps on the App Store that no longer function as intended or follow current review guidelines and others which have not been supported with compatibility updates for a long time.Read More

What to do After you do App store optimization?

So, you’re done implementing your ASO strategy to an app, and have launched it successfully, and you can’t wait to take it to the top of Apple or Google Play store rankings.

You’ve also promoted it on social media and got so many PRs, but there’s hardly any progress on your app downloads.

Not sure what’s your missing? What could you be doing wrong? Well, I can help you out.

Just so you know, when you’re competing against millions of apps on the App Store, ASO is a crucial goal for mobile publishers around the world to maximize visibility and ROI. This is the reason why you should always look at all the possible ASO methods for marketing your app and getting users to download it.

But then again, I hate to discourage you, but all your ASO efforts are never really over – it’s a continuous effort and process. In fact, once everything is laid out – your description, screenshots, and title are all in place – you’re just getting started.… Read More

Seed Keywords in the App Store Optimization Process

The App store optimization process starts with keyword research and for that, you need to start with Seed keywords, this is not a unique process from ASO , in fact, it comes from SEO… in this video, I try my best to explain how those seed keywords work.

As a definition, Seed keywords are ground or foundation keywords for our ASO strategy. This sort of keywords are won’t change or modify the meaning by modifier words.

The long tail keywords are used to form modifying the seed keywords. This means that:

long tail keywords = Seed keywords + modifier.

Example: When you search a phrase in Google search or the App store for Weight loss, Google/App Store automatically suggests other keywords such as:

weight loss calculator
weight loss pills
weight loss tips
weight loss programs
weight loss plans
weight loss supplements
weight loss foods

Here, “weight loss” is the seed keyword, and the other words that come after it are called modifiers: calculator, pills, tips, programs, and so on.… Read More

The most important Skill for any ASO consultant

Every business needs growth and a complete ROI, that’s why as an aso consultant or service provider, you should provide a complete package of digital marketing services – not to sell you the latest tech fad, but to create an integrated ASO campaign to achieve your client’s goals within their budget, using the most cost-effective ASO tactics—digital and otherwise.

Claiming to be an ASO master is easy. Becoming a good one is a whole other challenge.

For me, a true effective ASO master needs both theory and practice. One is not enough, you need to actually have both.

To gather the ASO knowledge required, I would advise you to enroll in my ASO Course (with free video tutorials). I’d also encourage you to read my ASO Bible (ebook available at Amazon) and my ASO/app marketing blog.

Once you are confident enough and have understood the major principles and techniques of App Store Optimization, it’s now part to put your knowledge into practice.… Read More

Testing BlackHat ASO

Congratulations for reaching me here in my Youtube channel. If you are an app developer or a marketer reading what comes below you are probably looking for quick ways to get to the top charts and cash on an app that is probably not as good as it should be.

Keyword stuffing, deceptive paid app reviews, buying app installs, I guess you have heard all about these. These are just some of the tricks used by aso providers for app marketers and owners who are looking for momentary success.

Using these blackhat aso tactics may seem harmless at first, but when Google and Apple ban the app for participating in Black Hat ASO, it won’t seem so innocent anymore.

Unfortunately, despite the heavy risk, I still can’t understand why we’re still seeing developers participating in this trend. These shady tactics steal the spotlight from legit apps, but at the same time put them at risk of being banned as well.… Read More

App Screenshot Vertical vs Horizontal in ASO

App Screenshot Vertical vs Horizontal in app store optimization. What is a better type of screenshot? in this video I try to go in-depth the idea of conversion with screenshots

I have been doing ASO for years and just so you know, I examined every aspects of ASO closely. I really liked what I saw when it came to how screenshots were going to be displayed in app store search results. I would like to share with you guys what I have discovered.

This video will show you the advantages of using vertical screenshots.

There are actually two primary reasons why vertical screenshots are better than horizontal for apps.

Firstly, they give you more opportunity to showcase different kinds of elements of your app. If one screenshot tells a story about your app, why not tell two stories?

When your first two screenshots are vertical, you’d be able to show to the people both of them.… Read More

Replying Reviews in Google Play for ASO purpose

How important is to reply to apps reviews for ASO purpose under Google Play? Well remember this: BIG TIME.

In this video I go more in-depth at why you need to keep an eye to your review numbers.

Responding to your app reviews in Google Play shows that you care. People will realize that you’re regularly engaged with your customers and this helps strengthen trust in your brand and encourages new downloads and installs. Also, it discreetly encourages others to review your app as well. When you replied to a feedback, it shows that you listen and value feedback from your users. For those users who experience difficulty in your app, you can respond to them and help resolve their issues. Remember, these users can edit their rating, so if you resolve an issue you could turn it into a positive one.

You can get insights also from these feedback as to how you can improve your app and new features or functionalitied to add in the future – build exactly what your users want and tell them about it.… Read More