28 Stupid Lessons in ASO that are not 100% right

I found a post about App store optimization in Linkedin and as the stupid ASO geek that I am I decided to read it carefully. Although I promote education of app store optimization it kills me when I read posts with wrong info - specially when they come from authorities in the industry. So I though...

Why I decided to Stop doing Indie ASO

Dear Indie Developer: Both you and I have noticed that for the past few months we have not been meeting each other as much as we would have loved to. The clear reason behind this is that we do not seem interested and involved with each other any longer. The urge to meet somehow has been buried...

Black Hat ASO

When I wrote about this almost 2 years ago, I had very little clue that black hat could even be considered a term in the app industry.
Nobody even knew about ASO, let alone about black hat tactics. Here is another chapter of my ASO Book... Enjoy, share, tweet… go wild…

So what is black hat ASO?

Black hat is the art/science/scheme of manipulating search algorithm results by bending the rules.

In the politically correct, paranoid society in which we live, as soon as you mention “black hat”, the industry tends to attack you.

Oh… Black hat!!! How dare you!!!!

But the reality is that it is our duty to test the algorithm…black_hat

Any algorithm exists to be tested by the users.

It has always been the same and it always will be.

If something allows us to rank, we will test it and try to manipulate it.

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24 Months Later: What I have learned about ASO

Decided to share the intro of my new book ASO bible 😉 Enjoylessons-learned

When I started ASO, I never expected that this new world was going to create so much buzz and go in so many different directions.

During the last 24 months, I have seen ASO go from “I have no idea what this word is” to “I may try this” to “This made the difference between success or not”.

In reality, ASO is just another process, but as a new process it usually gets judged fast and ruthlessly by a community that is tired of spending big fortunes to receive pennies as part of their investment.

ASO is easy, but at the same time it requires a different frame of mind than other types of marketing approaches.
We are used to marketing processes where we pay, and we obtain a result.

We love the word ROI, and ROI in ASO can be difficult to identify when the process we take is, in fact, a “process”.… Read More

5 Ways Apple has Redeemed Itself with iOS 8

So we've been harping on Apple quite a bit when it comes to the App Store, and especially about the Store’s limited app discovery.  Well, it looks like the Apple team has had an ear out for problems to solve as the new iOS 8 on the way is addressing some of the “beefs” we've been...

App Marketing : Alternatives to the App Store

If 2014 is the year of ASO… last year Stefan Bielau gave an awesome address in AppSummit in London last year.

I have decided to share it and highlight some of the important points of his presentation.

For sure it opens our eyes to different markets. China anyone? 😉

Keynote Address by: Stefan Bielau, Founder & CEO, Stevan Bielau Consulting

Background in radio and mobile.  Consulting on content, platform, business planning, user acquisition, marketing & analytics

The app store is becoming more and more competitive.  The main challenges are where to acquire users and effective reach, revenue and acquisition costs.  App & Google play stores are like the Panama Canal – a main, major and costly route to reach your destination, so also need to consider alternatives.… Read More