Considering ASO sandbox – a probability

[fusion_text]If you don’t know what sandbox is … it means you are a lucky person. You don’t come from the horrible world of SEO, where sandbox became a term related to that mysterious factor that can delay your website from ranking . The sandbox has been discussed for years in the SEO industry as a potential reality. Hundreds...

The need for cojones in the App industry

Do you have ASO cojones?cojones
When I started this, nobody spoke about ASO.

Now I’m happy to announce this whole game of App store optimization is now main stream and now finding content, finding tutorials, courses, slideshows… it’s easy.
There are great content providers out there, some of them are old and classic like Stefan Bielau (Sorry for calling you old man mate) … and some are new and full of interesting latino blood like Evaldo Rossi

But regardless who writes, the question is…

what the heck are we really writing about?.

So far the trend of the App industry is one:
Let’s re-tweet the same stuff over and over
Let’s talk about the same topics
Let’s scrape the same content written 2 years ago about ASO (yes I wrote it before) and let’s send it to sites that are famous for light, and irrelevant content that instead of educate, only spread he same noise (Venture Beat it’s a great example of this type of strategy)… Read More

Who is your Competition – App Store Optimization

In my first book I completely ignored the concept of competition and during the last months I have seen that more and more people seem to obsess about the idea of difficulty when doing ASO.

How difficult is a keyword? How competitive is a keyword, really?

The conflict regarding the idea of keyword difficulty is thanks to the “score” of difficulty provided by ASO tools.

Although this score is a “nice” thing to have, it makes us lazy to really understand who we are competing against and to go deeper and analyze the real levels of competition and difficulty for desired keywords.


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