What does the App Store Optimization Audit includes

ASO Assestment Explained

Overview of the Service

The App Store Optimization Audit is a process where we go step by step to analyze all the factors that may be affecting your app in different platforms.

This is the most complete app audit in the industry.

Not only do we analyze the typical ASO factors, but we provide specific changes of strategy you can implement to increase your organic traffic and improve your performance in the different app stores.

ASO is not a one-time strategy, so before you move towards a long term plan it is important to identify the weaknesses of your app that may be affecting your ranking.

Please keep  in mind ASO is not a guarantee strategy and you can only obtain increase in traffic balanced ASO with different type of user acquisition strategies.
The App Store Optimization Audit covers the following points:

  • Competition Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Localization 8 languages. (metadata)
  • Icon Analysis and Comparison
  • Screenshot Analysis
  • Social Media Analysis
  • Description and SEO Assessment

Competition Analysis

Want to know what apps are doing a better job than you and why? In our asesstment we can compare the strengths, ASO wise, of your competitors.

This is a vital part of this audit, if you don’t understand why some apps are on top of you… you will not be able to out rank them.

Knowing your competitors is the most important part of your path to finding better ranking.
In this report we analyze 10 of your strongest competitors from an ASO point of view.

Keyword Research and Optimization


This is when we start from zero and check your app by doing market research, defining your app’s keywords and the weak keywords. In addition we observe your strategy in different stores and design the right ASO strategies for your app. This includes a full Keyword research process that is when usually companies get it wrong.

Keyword Research is clearly one of the main reasons why we offer App Store Optimization service.

As part of this Audit we generate the top keywords you should target. As part of this service we offer 2 different list of keywords.
An aggressive keyword approach and conservative approach depending on your objectives.
This Keyword research is done for both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The importance of keyword research is vital for app success.
App store optimization STARTS with proper Keyword Research and to achieve the right keywords you need a serious strategy that can help you to improve your chances of increasing your organic traffic.
– We mainly use 3 tools… get ready for this because it is going to be messy.

  • Mobile Action
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Our data base developed from analyzing 200+ apps a month

The goal is to find the best keywords for your app while trying to achieve a realistic result. Sounds awesome… well hold your horses.

It is not so easy… you see although there are great keywords out there, it is not always easy to find keywords that have good traffic and competition level which brings a positive result.

So the goal here is to find:

  • Good traffic
  • Not very broad keywords
  • Related keywords to your topic/niche
  • Keywords where there is a real oportunity to rank


Description Analysis and Optimization


Why do you need to analyze and optimize your app description? The COPY of your app, makes a huge different between people buying it or not. Let me help you to understand what are you doing that may be affecting your traffic, conversion and downloads.

SEO Analysis


It’s funny that nobody is talking about SEO. Yes! SEO not ASO. We also need to think beyond App Store Optimization and that’s why in this service we review your SEO strategy and how you can get more love to your app page directly from Google. Say hello again to SEO.

Icon Analysis and comparison


Icons are one of the most important factors to increase Click Through . The challenging of icon design is that designers usually think “pretty” or “nice” icons will convert.
In our analysis we compare your icon vs competitors and we test how your icon converts vs your competitors.

A pretty icon doesn’t mean a thing! You need to understand how this icon will stand vs other icons in the same industry.

Screenshot Analysis


One of the most under-optimized aspects in apps. Screenshots can really change conversion without a lot of effort. In this audit we provide different ideas.

Your Social Media Strategy


Social Media is a huge factor for apps… but sooooo many app developers and indie companies are a bit lost regarding how to engage their customers with Cool App social campaigns. In this report I provide amazing ideas of how to become a social media superstar with your app. Trust me…. you will love it.


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