App Store Optimization Packages

No matter your App ASO needs, we have a plan that's perfect for you and your team!

Not every app is the same and not all App strategies are the same. It all depends on what you need and what your goals are, my ASO services usually starts with an ASO Audit where we go through the process of analyzing all the factors that may be affecting your app.

From Ranking Analysis, to social media, to keyword research, to icon optimization, to screenshot conversion, the ASO Agency App Store Optimization services literally covers all the aspects you need to analyze and understand to have a clear path for your organic strategy. App store optimization services are not new, but it is important you understand exactly what are you investing in.

Our approach

it's different from ASO Agencies, we provide an overall solution that brings clear ROI, education, real data and a realistic path.Finding the ROI in ASO is not easy and that’s why at the ASO Agency we try to the most complete solution. A solution that will bring you closer to the organic traffic you deserve.

    • ​Easy to Understand Process
    • Intense Market Research and Keyword Analysis
    • Latest App Store Algorithm knowledge
    • Fit all type of Apps (Games, Utlities, Competitive niches)
    • Over 400 apps pear Year (we know what we are doing)
    • We use the best data and the top ASO tool in the market
    • All our Audits include Video analysis and video reports
    • ASO Education and coaching is always provided

Are you ready to ASOtimize?

Not all the ASO packages and ASO companies are the same , that's why at the ASO Agency we are proud to offer the most complete overall packages available.

Get more for your ASO investment

Top Keyword Research

This is what is all about: and our keyword research has been the STANDARD of the app industry, every 3 months we improve our own systems providing the most complete research process ever

Over $1000 in App Courses

Not only we want to provide ASO, we want you to understand how to ASO works. With every Audit we help you to train your company about ASO, keyword Research and App Marketing.

Analysis Before & After

You want to get a clear understanding of the ROI of ASO, right? That's why we are the only company that provides a before and after anlaysis.

More ASO for
your $

Contrary to popular belief, many ASO packages don't provide a lot of data to their clients. At the ASO agency we spend more time and provide more data for your investment.

We Go Deeper than Any other Agency



We need you to understand where you are before we start. And ranking anlaysis is one of those stpes that will help us understand your position in the app store visilbiity wise before we do ASO


You can't do ASO if you don't even consider other factors, Social media, reviews, the level of competition, those are some the factors and variables an AUDIT needs to include. We do them all.


Once you do ASO then what?At the ASO agency we believe we should not drop you after ASO is done, that's why we want to coach you and help you to continue your path to app success.

Full Downlodable Reports

Reports that you can understand, follow and use in your business.ASO needs to be simple and you need to be empowered with our reports to utilize the information to make smarter ASO decisions.

All type of clients - all type of needs

Since 2014 we have been working with all type of clients covering from top 20 Publishers in the app store, to startups , to Indie developers, to major brands like EA Games, GSN, Platika, PBS, Gluu, Vodafone, Red Bull, and many more.Our approach is the same to provide an overall ASO solution that can help from the small player to the big App companies trying to maximize their organic traffic.

ASO is not a secret science, it's in fact simple, that's why the ROI of ASO is one of the best ROI you can find in the App Industry.

ASO Pays off.

Dealing with a Special Agency

My name is Gabriel Machuret and I created the ASO Agency to help companies like you... I'm one of the pionners in the ASO world (quoted by VentureBear in 2016) and one of the top 10 ASO influencers in the industry. My goal is to make ASO more approachable and empower companies to embrace organic traffic as a valid long term strategy for their app

Our Process is unique

We try to loook at al the factors that affect your app organic path. From keywords, to optimization, to competition, to even the quality of other factors. We believe the optimization needs to be 100% complete and for that reason every single factot needs to be studied.

What we Do - What we offer


It all Starts with an Audit..

The App Store Optimization Audit is a process where we go step by step to analyze all the factors that may be affecting your app in different platforms.

This is the most complete app audit in the industry.Not only do we analyze the typical ASO factors, but we provide specific changes of strategy you can implement to increase your organic traffic and improve your performance in the different app stores. ASO is not a one-time strategy, so before you move towards a long term plan it is important to identify the weaknesses of your app that may be affecting your ranking.Please keep in mind ASO is not a guarantee strategy and you can only obtain increase in traffic balanced ASO with different type of user acquisition strategies.

The App Store Optimization Audit covers the following points: Competition AnalysisKeyword ResearchLocalization 8 languages. (metadata)Icon Analysis and ComparisonScreenshot AnalysisSocial Media AnalysisDescription and SEO Assessment


1 Platform

One time Payment - 1 Month Service

  • One Platform (IOS or Android)
  • English Only
  • ASO Education Provided(Worth $500 in courses)
  • Icon Audit
  • Screenshot Audit
  • Title Optimization
  • Keyword Research
  • Description Optimization
  • Ranking Analysis
  • Traffic Estimation
  • 30 Day Support


No credit card required.


2 Platforms

One time Payment - 1 Month Service

  • Both Platforms (IOS and Android)
  • English Only (Google Play ASO)
  • English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French(IOS ASO)
  • ASO Education Provided(Worth $500 in courses)
  • Icon Audit
  • Screenshot Audit
  • Title Optimization
  • Keyword Research
  • Description Optimization
  • Ranking Analysis
  • Traffic Estimation
  • Niche Indepth Research
  • Social Media Analysis
  • SEO Analysis
  • 30 day Support
  • 1 Time Payment




3 Month Service

  • Both Platforms (IOS and Android)
  • 5 Languages
  • English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French
  • ASO Education Provided
    (Worth $500 in courses)
  • Icon AuditIcon Re-design
  • Screenshot Audit
  • Screenshot Re-design
  • Title Optimization
  • Keyword Research
  • Description Optimization
  • Ranking Analysis
  • Traffic Estimation
  • Social Media Analsysis
  • SEO Analysis
  • Search Ads Kewyord Research
  • Search Ads Campaign Setup
  • 90 Day Support
    (3 month package)
  • 2 Easy Payments


No credit card required.

Understanding Our Audit


Comprehensive ASO Analysis

Before we start we need to analyse. We need to understand your market and have a clear goal in mind. At the ASO agency my goal is to give you a raw, reality check of what ASO can achieve for you... real data, real opportunities.

A lot more than Keyword Research

Contrary to popular belief, ASO is not just keyword research and the important to understand is the reality of your industry and all the potential opportunities we can find from your apps.

Not just "An Agency" :
The leader in the industry

Photo in App Summit Conference 2016.

Love me or hate me, for the last 4 years I have been educating the app store optimization industry with the latest tactics about ASO, keyword research, Search Ads and organic traffic strategies.

I have worked with all type of developers in all type of "eras" of the App store. From the time where ranking was easy, to the time where reskinning used to flood the app store.

Things change in the app store fast and if you are going to put your trust in an ASO agency you need someone that has the COURAGE to tell you what you are doing wrong, what you are doing RIGHT and how to change it.

The App industry is full of "experts" but not leaders.

I'm the leader in the ASO world. Not because I'm the best but because the ASO world is usually scared of testing, exploring new ideas or re-design the way we approach App Store Optimization.

By hiring the ASO Agency you get my full attention: And my attention will help your business to grow.

ASO Agency has been featured in...

Not All ASO Results are the Same

Increase in Overall Ranking

One of the most important points of ASO is that it can help overall increase, although ASO is not magic magic it can help the overall improvement of category ranking thanks to the benefit of the increase of specific keywords.In this case we can see how ASO started to bring the benefits of an increase in ranking.

300% increase from ASO

ASO works fantastic when we really optimize all the factors that we need to consider. In this case, not only we optimized the keywords, but also the description, the title and we really focused to improve the app competition advantaged in their category. The results was a 300% increase in ranking across one of the most competitive categories in the App store USA.

From NO ASO to ASO

Does ASO work?
You bet...
One of the most interesting factors is when we work with an App that didn't have ASO and then we optimize the keywords, usually like in this case with the right marketing plan we can see an interesting increase in ranking.This type of increase helped the client understand how ASO is extremely relevant, and how in many cases it should have been done a long time before.

The ROI of ASO


Doing ASO is not only important: It's vital

Contrary to popular belief, Lorem Ipsum is not simply random text. It has roots in a piece of classical Latin literature from 45 BC, making it over 2000 years old.

Second Sub Headline

Contrary to popular belief, Lorem Ipsum is not simply random text. It has roots in a piece of classical Latin literature from 45 BC, making it over 2000 years old.

ASO is a lot more than Keyword Research...But without keyword research there is no ASO

Keyword Research


How do we tackle Keyword Research?

This is when we start from zero and check your app by doing market research, defining your app’s keywords and the weak keywords. In addition we observe your strategy in different stores and design the right ASO strategies for your app. This includes a full Keyword research process that is when usually companies get it wrong.

Keyword Research is clearly one of the main reasons why we offer App Store Optimization service.As part of this Audit we generate the top keywords you should target. As part of this service we offer 2 different list of keywords.

An aggressive keyword approach and conservative approach depending on your objectives.This Keyword research is done for both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The importance of keyword research is vital for app success.

App store optimization STARTS with proper Keyword Research and to achieve the right keywords you need a serious strategy that can help you to improve your chances of increasing your organic traffic.– We mainly use 3 tools… get ready for this because it is going to be messy.

ASO Desk
Google Keyword Planner

Our data base developed from analyzing 200+ apps a monthThe goal is to find the best keywords for your app while trying to achieve a realistic result. Sounds awesome… well hold your horses.It is not so easy… you see although there are great keywords out there, it is not always easy to find keywords that have good traffic and competition level which brings a positive result.

So the goal here is to find:Good traffic

Not very broad keywordsRelated keywords to your topic/nicheKeywords where there is a real opportunity to rank

Let's understand the process

The Value of Keywords

Complexity in Keyword Research

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the ASO agency Audit is a monthly service?

No, is an audit that will save you money compared to going for monthly services. Monthly services of App Agencies are too slow and they usually perform very poorly. Audits can provide better results by providing an overall strategy.

Do you guarantee ranking?

No we don’t. There is no guarantee of ranking, our job is to optimize your app to guarantee that you have the best chance of ranking, but we can’t guarantee any specific ranking.

What % of ranking should we expect?

If you apply all the strategies we suggest in the Audit , and you implement the proper steps suggested you can expect a 30% increase in organic traffic in 30 to 45 days.

Do you provide Black HAT ASO?

No I don’t but you can still enroll in my Black Hat Course here.

I want to rank for JUST one specific keyword…

App store Optimization doesn’t work like that I’m afraid. Ranking for 1 specific keyword ONLY it’s just not possible based on the nature of the Algorithm.

do you provide 1 on 1 Coaching?

Yes, you can ask any question you want. This is the perfect block for FAQs…

Do you only work with 1 type of ASO tool?

We use Sensor Tower, ASOdesk and AppAnnie

Do you offer BULK discount for more than 1 app?

Discounts applies depending on the niche, category and the type of number apps. Please contact us for more info.

Are you open to Partnerships?

We usually get approached offering Partnerships or Joint Ventures, in 2017 we are not open to new partnership. We are only accepting paid clients.

What type of Payment do you accept?

Credit Card and/or PayPal. Bank Transfer is also an option.

We want to pay “After” delivery. It’s that an option?

Only for Inc 500 companies we are open to offer a net 30 based on a SOW.

We want to sign up, but we will like to have a phone call first…

Sure, please fill the contact form and let’s talk!

We are an startup… do you offer any discount?

No at the moment.

Is there any other way to do ASO without hiring your agency?

Sure! You can learn to do it yourself by taking our Course.

Not ready to hire? Learn about ASO....

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